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A Few of the Speakers' Topics

Entrepreneurship/Building Your Business
1.   "Putting Your Business in Zoom"
2.   "Anyone Can Start a Profitable Business in 100 Days"
3.   "Entrepreneurship is Child's Play"
4.   "The Legal Aspects of Starting a Business andProtecting Your I.P."
5.   "Lack of Money is Not What is Preventing Your Dream Business"
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Motivation and Personal Developmant
1.   "How to Keep You and Your Team Fired Up"
2.   " 'Telling is Not Selling',  it is Partnering"
3.   "What do You Really Want and How to Achieve it"
4.   "Is Planning All That it is Cracked up to be?"
5.   "What Does The Future Have in Store For You When You Make it
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Financial Sense and Financial Security
1.   "Your Business is Your Noah's Arc in a Sea of Titanics"
2.   "How to Succed in The Coming Financial Crisis"
3.   "Why The Cash Flow Proforma is Your Most Important Financial
4.   "Money is Not What You Think it is"
5.   "Understanding What is Happening in The Economy and
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