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If you want to launch new products, automate your facilities, increase your productivity, secure your intelectual property, move your people and company to the cutting edge, please contact us, American Productivity Group, LLC.


We have worked with hundreds of the world's leading national and international companies; Samsung Electronics, Land-O-Lakes, Johnson and Johnson, Heico Chemical, Agfa, the Journal of Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering, Riverside Paper, Orgo Thermit, JoongAng Media Network, Sea Breeze Beverages Co., Clover Farms, Rich Products, Berryville Graphics/ the Bertelsmann Group, Domino Sugar,  



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Our mission is to enble companies, organizations and individuals achieve more success , be more productive and attain greater brand awareness.  We accomplish these by stimulating innovation,  enriching personal education, providing access to the best products and services  and developing unbeatable motivation.  These are the person goals of our speakers and consultants!